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CV Comms Ltd has a policy of recruiting high calibre professionals with vast experience and/or educated to degree level. Here are the key staff.


Head Office

Charles Vinan: Chairman & CEO, CV Comms Ltd

  • A talented Telecoms Consultant with 20 years experience in RF Product Design
  • He holds qualifications in BSc Electronics from University of Wales, Cardiff and & MSc Telecommunication and Information Systems from The University of Essex
  • Started his career at Airtech as an RF Engineer and quickly progressed to Technical Director
  • He was instrumental in the design of Airtech’s range of Masthead Amplifiers and Boosters
  • He was project manager responsible for multi-million dollar projects supplying products to various Operators around the world
  • He left Airtech to start up Site Solutions and achieved sales in circa $1M within 2 years with 10 personnel
  • He is the major shareholder of CV Comms Ltd.

Manny Effiom: Executive Director & Director Of IT Services, CV Comms Ltd

  • A skilled IT Consultant with over 19 years analysis, design, development and databases experience.
  • He has 16 years experience of running his own consultancy
  • He holds qualifications in BSc Computer Systems from University of Wales, Cardiff and MSc Computer Science from Aston University, Birmingham, England
  • He provides software support to CV Comms operations and advises the chairman on business matters
  • He has proven managerial capabilities and the experience of developing a start-up organisation
  • He invested in CV Comms Ltd and is a major shareholder
Byam-Cook: Operations Director &

  • An Experienced Accountant with over 30 years of managing his own company
  • He holds a Masters degree in Law from Oxford University and is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales
  • He joined the telecoms industry in the 1980s as an airtime reseller on the original analogue mobile networks in the UK
  • He has a good practical knowledge of market trends in Africa and is responsible for project implementation, supply chain management and logistics.
  • >He invested in CV Comms Ltd in 2007 and is now a major shareholder

Jane Vinan &

  • She holds an MA in Community Education from De Montfort University in Leicester
  • She started out as an Education Worker in the public sector, managing diversity and equal opportunities
  • She has 10 years Experience of working with people from diverse settings and has extensive skills in counselling and business ethics
  • She joined CV Comms Ltd in June 2009 and now heads the HR and QA departments of the group.
  • She led the Head Office to ISO certification in February 2010 and is responsible for acquiring and maintaining quality standards across the group.
  • She is a minor shareholder of CV Comms Ltd.

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